Launch week

So the Myth Gap is finally out! If you missed them, there were…

And here’s a photo of the launch at Daunt’s bookshop on Marylebone High Street 🙂

Economist review

The Economist’s religion editor, Bruce Clark, has a review of the Myth Gap on his Erasmus column – full article on here. Here’s an excerpt:

What makes Mr Evans a bit unusual is the diagnosis he makes of why (at least in part) Copenhagen [the 2009 UN climate summit] failed and Paris [its 2015 successor] succeeded. One of the problems, before the Danish disaster, was that green activists, even the most lively-minded ones, were boring people to death with pie-charts, acronyms and statistics. By the time world leaders had gathered in France, environmentalists had begun to grasp the message that they could only touch people’s hearts by telling stories. In other words: by using the method of religious prophets of old, the marketing gurus of the 20th century and the science-fiction writers gazing into the future. It was a sign of the times that François Hollande, the president of France, encouraged a strong spiritual input in the summit. All these people understood that they could only grab and retain people’s attention with good yarns: powerful, memorable, morally compelling narratives that could prompt the listener to step inside and take a stance. That is the argument Mr Evans makes in a very short, very sharp book, “The Myth Gap”.