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Alex Evans : Author

Hello! Thanks for visiting the site. I’m a Senior Fellow at the NYU Center on International Cooperation. Until March 2018, I was a Campaign Director at Avaaz, where I ran campaigns on areas including Brexit, tax havens, humanitarian assistance, and human rights.As I set out in the Myth Gap, I’m also a long time policy wonk and author of numerous reports and papers on foreign policy, international development, and global governance, published by think tanks like Brookings, Chatham House, and the Center for Global Development.

I’m especially interested in how governments manage a world of transboundary global risks (see e.g. this for the Brookings Institution) and how to develop new theories of influence for a world in the behaviour and beliefs of millions of ordinary people shape global issues like climate change, infectious disease, or political extremism (see e.g. this for the UK Foreign Office).

I’ve also done various stints as a political adviser, including as special adviser to two UK Secretaries of State (Valerie Amos and Hilary Benn) at the Department for International Development (DFID), and as a policy expert in the UN Secretary-General’s office.

I am married, have two kids, live in North Yorkshire, and enjoy DJing progressive house music, repairing old mechanical watches, meditating, and running. I am currently learning Norwegian and dry stone walling.